International Pupillages

In exceptional circumstances 33 Bedford Row offers unfunded pupillages of up to 12 months duration to suitably qualified candidates who intend to practice overseas after pupillage.

These pupillages are intended to provide further specialist training for practitioners based abroad and are considered on a case by case basis.  it is not possible to offer such pupillages to anyone who intends to practice as a barrister in England & Wales and any person taking up such a pupillage or period of training will not be eligible to apply for a tenancy in these Chambers at the end of their period of training. Those who wish to practice in England and Wales must come through the ordinary recruitment programme offering pupillages that are fully funded and advertised from time to time as available.    

In selecting unfunded pupillages Chambers looks for the following qualities

  • intellectual ability
  • ability to analyse significant volume of evidence and to communicate effectively
  • Demonstrated interest and achievement in area in which Chambers offers services
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively 
  • fluency in the English language
  • ability to benefit from the training Chambers offer
  • the potential to excel in the jurisdiction of their home country at the end of the pupillage

We give preference to candidates who intend to return to practice in jurisdictions or practice in areas where Chambers has and/or wishes to develop its business.

Any offer of an unfunded pupillage is subject to chambers obtaining an advertising and pupillage award waiver from the Bar Standards Board.  Those offered unfunded pupillages must have the requisite visa and other permissions and it is their responsibility to ensure that Bar Standards Board's and all other requirements are fulfilled.

Applications for unfunded pupillages should be made by sending a covering email and detailed CV, prepared by reference to the criteria above, to

In exceptional circumstances Chambers may offer tenancies to experienced practitioners with relevant experience who need to first qualify as barristers in England and Wales.  This includes those qualifying via the Bar Transfer test. Again these are considered on a case by case basis and are subject to Bar Standards Board regulation and best practice.

Chambers operates a fair recruitment policy and is committed to the Equality and Diversity Code of the Bar.