Busy times in Wales and the South West for 33 Bedford Row

In: News Published: Friday 04 December 2020


Busy times in Wales and the South West for 33 Bedford Row

Philip Williams and James Fraczyk have been instructed on behalf of Mr Richard Nightingale a high profile and successful businessman in his challenges to the Conservative Party and his treatment. Mr Nightingale made it clear that there was a bank account being controlled by John Penrose MP which was withheld from the local association. A story was going to be run in unfavourable terms on the BBC. It involved an out of hours application against the BBC but was conceded just minutes before the hearing was due to be heard by Mrs Justice Tipples. Mr Nightingale’s situation was reported extensively across the Media and was the main story on the six-o’clock news. Maurice O Caroll is instructed to deal with the Employment Law aspects where any mistreatment is robustly denied.

Weston-super-Mare's Conservative Association chairman Richard Nightingale suspended from Tory party - Bristol Live (bristolpost.co.uk)

Former Conservative councillor accused of mistreating staff - BBC News

Another politician Nick Ramsay has also been in the Welsh media. He is facing a deselection campaign following his successful High court Injunction earlier in the year when represented by Philip Williams. There was a contested costs hearing before HHJ Paul Matthews sitting as judge of the High Court when the injunction was withdrawn. Again, this created a huge amount of Media interest especially as Mr Ramsay is now seeking the costs against the Monmouthshire Conservative Party’s solicitor for what is perceived a massive conflict in interest. Mr Ramsay was represented by Philip Williams and James Fraczyk with Mr Fraczyk conducting the hearing.

Tory Nick Ramsay threatens local party with court over deselection bid - BBC News

Nick Ramsay: Dispute over Tory facing deselection's party status - BBC News

Philip Williams and James Fraczyk have been instructed in a Judicial Review to challenge Monmouthshire County Council’s decision to accept that a site had lawful planning permission. Philip and james are representing the interests of a local action group known as “Swipe” resisting an application and permission in the beautiful Usk valley.

Waste: Landfill a 'better option' than burning, says AM - BBC News

Philip Williams and Elizabeth Fisher were successful in defending two separate claims by a serial litigant against two neighbours relating to purported flooding and drainage. The two matters were consolidated and were due to be heard over four days. Following a Pre-Trial Review and submissions by Mr Williams and Ms Fisher the Claimant withdrew her claims and agreed to pay substantial costs

All matters were on instructions from Tim Gir at Sanders Witherspoon


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