Professional Discipline

Professional Discipline


Members of chambers have experience in complex professional disciplinary proceedings involving allegations of misconduct, deficient professional performance/lack of competence, and adverse health. We recognise that allegations impugning one’s professional reputation can be extremely distressing to the individuals involved, and our barristers can offer assistance from the outset of the investigation stage through pre-trial preparation to representation at interim hearings, substantive hearings and appeals.

Robust representation is particularly important for professionals at a time when budget constraints are putting professionals under greater pressure and increased risk of error. In such an environment, proper scrutiny of investigations and hearing procedure is essential to guard against unjust damage to reputation and the loss of individuals’ livelihoods and vocations.

Members of chambers can offer representation in proceedings involving:

  • Healthcare professionals (GMC, NMC, GDC, GOC, GCC, GOsC, GPC, and HCPC)
  • Financial services professionals
  • Legal services professionals
  • Professional data-protection breaches

Often, there is an overlap between termination of employment and referral to a professional’s regulator. Members of chambers are experienced in handling the various issues involved in these cases comprehensively and welcome such instructions 

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Professional Discipline