Immigration & Nationality

At 33 Bedford Row, we have the best barristers to cover the full range of immigration and nationality advisory and advocacy work.


Members can advise and represention in asylum appears; members have both the breadth (countries) and depth (issues) in respect to those states forcing nationals to seek international protection. Members can also assist in regard to the more specialist areas, such as terrorist exclusion, internal relocation and non-state actors. 

Corporate Immigration

A global world frees labour and capital, and every enterprise faces immigration difficulties. These will be compounded by Brexit in 2019.  33 Bedford Row has experience advising human resources and other managers. As always, the key is a good application. Barristers in chambers frequently advise on and prepare Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications and use their contacts to help formulate a composite and thorough business plan. 

Entry Clearance & LTR

The best time to consult a lawyer is before applying. The immigration rules keep growing and changing.  Our barristers know how to prepare excellent and flawless applications, to fill in the lengthy forms and to attach the necessary documentary evidence. It is imperative that the application is done to a merticulous standard, especially where there is no right of appeal, so that the client is in the best position for any judicial review application, should the application be refused. 

Extradition and Criminal Deportation

Extradition is a special subject, with the European arrest warrant applying to the EU. It overlaps with criminal law and hence our multi-disciplinary teams come in handy. The deportation of foreign criminals has been in progress for years. We have barristers experienced in human rights who can help appellants.

Nationality and Citizenship

This is possibly the most difficult area of all law. One needs a historical approach, going back to parents and grandparents. We have specialist counsel, with access to the laws of states and necessary resources. 

Applications and Appeals

Almost all cases begin with an application, and a well drafted application can illuminate the merits of the case. Whether you should appeal or seek judicial review, our members can advise and guide you on your options, and their merits.

Immigration & Nationality Barristers