Prison & Parole Boards

Prison & Parole Boards


Barristers at 33 Bedford Row are regularly instructed to represent the rights of prisoners. Members that specialise in this area of law understand the need to represent those serving a prison sentence to defend a prisoner’s rights, challenge wrongdoing, and present coherent and persuasive argument on behalf of our clients. 

We can represent, advise and pursue legal challenges on a range of prison law matters including the following:

  • Human Rights Act challenges including claims for compensation for miscarriages of justice, unlawful detention, assault, negligence, misfeasance and discrimination on the grounds of race, sex or disability;
  • Security categorisation and re-categorisation decisions;
  • Prison conditions, treatment and policy;
  • Access to prison Mother & Baby Units;
  • Representation before the Parole Board;
  • Representation before the Independent Adjudicator;
  • Representation at disciplinary hearings;
  • Licence conditions;
  • Release and recall;
  • Sentence calculation (or miscalculation);
  • Conviction and sentence appeals including out of time appeals;
  • Appeals following CCRC referrals;
  • Conduct of inquests arising in the prison law context.

Our barristers offer a confidential and non-judgmental service. Some prison law cases can attract media attention. Many can involve complex legal argument, extensive investigations and engaging experts. Our barristers work tirelessly to ensure the client is properly advised at every stage of the case.  We pride ourselves on being able to evaluate the evidence, present complex legal arguments, and present the most effective case on behalf of our clients.

Members of 33 Bedford Row understand that prison law can be an area which requires sensitivity, clarity and professionalism. We can offer barristers that have experience at all levels whatever the complexity.

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