Violent Crime

Violent Crime


33 Bedford Row have a large number of barristers that specialise in violent offences at all levels across the country and abroad.

Violent crime can include an offences in which there is an allegation of use or a threat to use force upon a victim and can include many forms of violence including but not limited to:

  • Actual Bodily Harm (ABH);
  • Affray;
  • Aggravated Burglary;
  • Aggravated Criminal damage and Arson;
  • Assault against a Police Officer or Prison officer;
  • Common Assault;
  • Cruelty to a person under 16 years old;
  • Endangering an aircraft;
  • Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) with or without intent;
  • Kidnapping & Hostage taking;
  • Possession of a firearm with criminal intent;
  • Riot;
  • Terrorism & Inciting Terrorism & Fundraising for Terrorism;
  • Using explosives or corrosives with intent to cause GBH;
  • Violent Disorder.

Whatever the charge our barristers offer a confidential and non-judgmental service. Some violent cases attract a great deal of media attention. They can involve complex legal argument, extensive investigations and review of evidence. Our barristers work tirelessly to ensure the client is properly advised at every stage of the case.  We pride ourselves on being able to evaluate the evidence, present complex legal arguments, and present the most effective case on behalf of our clients.

Members of 33 Bedford Row understand that violent offences can be an area of law that requires sensitivity, clarity and professionalism. We can offer barristers that have experience at all levels, whatever the complexity. Our barristers have developed the skills required to deal effectively with cases of this kind. Barristers that specialise in this area will often carry out meticulous preparation alongside a client’s legal team; it would be our advice to engage a barrister at the early stages of a case, to ensure that the case is managed effectively.

Violent Crime Barristers