Banking & Finance

Members are instructed in bank and counterparty disputes in addition to disputes between banks.

In addition they are instructed in ancillary professional negligence, commercial litigation, reputational and securitisation aspects.

Members have also been involved in related offshore or international work, with a particular focus on the BVI and the Channel Islands.

Members also have experience of a variety of retail banking matters acting both for and against leading retail banks.

Areas of Interest include:

  • Anti-money laundering regulation and compliance.
  • Data Protection Act compliance and confidentiality issues.
  • Financial Services and Markets Act (including authorisation, supervision, compliance and disciplinary issues).
  • Claims for the recovery of unauthorised payments and misapplied assets (including mistaken payments, tracing and subrogation, liabilities for dishonest assistance and knowing receipt, applications for freezing injunctions and other urgent interim orders).
  • Consumer Credit Act (including drafting regulated credit and hire agreements, securities and notices, enforcement of Consumer Credit agreements, Consumer Credit compliance and supervision by the Financial Conduct Authority).
  • Consumer and business finance issues (including drafting of credit and hire agreements, recovery and enforcement of personal and business finance, including lease and hire purchase finance, claims for breach of warranty/implied terms, factoring and invoice discounting).
  • Insolvency issues affecting lenders and borrowers (including corporate and individual insolvency, including administrations).
  • Lender and bank liabilities (including financial mis-selling claims and professional negligence involving lenders and banks, financial advisers and valuers).
  • Securities and mortgage law and regulation (including drafting and enforcement of mortgages, charges, debentures, guarantees and indemnities, possession proceedings, forced sales and receiverships).

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Banking & Finance