Defending Professionals

Defending Professionals


As regulated professionals themselves, members of chambers recognise that professionals take great pride in their work as highly trained and skilled practitioners. Professionals enjoy considerable benefits by virtue of membership of their profession, and the courts accordingly hold them to high standards in the work they do for clients.

Often, professionals are called upon to make difficult judgment calls under great pressure. The complex nature of the modern world means that professionals frequently work as members of multi-disciplinary teams, complicating questions of responsibility and direction. On occasion, the actions of a professional may be the subject of litigation alleging deficient performance (usually breach of contract or negligence, but sometimes breach of fiduciary or statutory duties). Establishing a breach of duty can be a complex process requiring expert evidence and careful legal analysis in itself, and even where a breach of duty can be established, professional negligence disputes often give rise to fiercely contested disputes on causation or quantification of loss.

Members of chambers are keenly aware of the sensitivity with which such disputes must be handled, and work with discretion to advise clients and, where appropriate, to challenge or resolve claims to best protect client interests.

We find that there is often an overlap between professional negligence claims and professional regulatory proceedings. Members of chambers are experienced in handling the various issues involved in these cases comprehensively and welcome such instructions 

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