Our barristers understand that charges relating to drugs can lead to criminal charges and imprisonment in more serious cases. A criminal conviction even for simple possession may have serious consequences for a client’s personal and professional life. Barristers at 33 Bedford Row will work tirelessly to secure the best outcome and ensure that our clients are properly advised at every stage.

We recognise that drug cases can range from:

  • Cultivation and production of illegal drugs;
  • Drug importation;
  • Manufacture or supply of a controlled substance;
  • Possession with intent to supply;
  • Possession of psycho active substances.
  • Simple personal possession.

Some of these cases may be on a small scale while others will be on a commercial scale and involve many months of investigative work by police involving a large number of individuals in the UK and potentially abroad.  As the techniques used by authorities to investigate serious organised crime, particularly in the illegal drugs trade have been transformed our team has kept pace.

Our barristers can represent clients at all levels of the justice scale. They employ their expertise, gained from experience, to cross-examine and critique experts, analyse and utilise the investigation material wherever possible to the benefit of the client.

Barristers of 33 Bedford Row are not shy from advancing complex arguments when needed or fearlessly representing their client. Whether it is a case of simple possession or in large scale commercial multi-handed conspiracy our barristers have the knowledge and experience to deal with all aspects of the case efficiently and with maximum effect.

Drugs Barristers