Jamil Mohammed and Constance Whippman welcome USA Pegasus and Temple Bar Scholars

In: News Published: Thursday 14 October 2021


Jamil Mohammed, Pegasus Scholar 2021, hosted a breakfast gathering on behalf of 33 Bedford Row inviting the holders of 2020 and 2021 United States Temple Bar Scholarships together with the winners of the 2020 and 2021 Pegasus Scholarships US.  The objective was to have breakfast and discuss an open range of anecdotes and experiences relating to our shared common law heritage and ethical standards.

The Temple Bar Scholars included those who have provided clerking duties, legal research and support, for no less than 8 Supreme Court and Appellate Court Judges including USA Supreme Court Judges, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Justice Stephen Breyer, Justice Joseph Alito. The Pegasus scholars are all gifted advocates with outstanding CV’s who have been selected to take part in this highly prestigious exchange of talent.

Jamil - [when speaking about the event] “There is a real importance in welcoming our foreign counterparts, we all do important work, the opportunity to invite US practitioners into our world whilst share and learn from each other’s experiences will be beneficial to all of us”.

We look forward to welcoming past and future guests of this prestigious programme very soon.

Pictured [from left to right]

Row 1/Seated: Sarah Grant - Temple Bar Scholar 2021, Constance Whippman - Head of Chambers Emeritus 33 Bedford Row, Jodie C. Liu - Temple Bar Scholar 2020, Matthew Zorn - 2020 Pegasus Scholar.

Row 2/Standing: Dahlia Mignouna - Temple Bar Scholar, Larissa Lee - 2021 Pegasus Scholar, Anthony Franklyn - 2021 Pegasus Scholar, Cindy Dennis - Awards & Scholarships Coordinator, Jamil Mohammed - 2021 Pegasus Scholar, Kristen A Lee - 2020 Pegasus Scholar, Joseph O. Masterman - 2020 Temple Bar Scholar, Jack Boeglin - 2021 Temple Bar Scholar, Anagha Sundararajan - 2020 Temple Bar Scholar, Trevor W. Ezell - 2021 Temple Bar Scholar.