33 Bedford Row Team Worked to Help Anoosheh Ashoori - Detained for Five Years in an Iranian Prison - While Case was in Mr Ashoori's Words 'Snubbed by Boris Johnson'

In: News Published: Friday 25 March 2022


Nigel Edwards QC led 33 Bedford Row legal team - with Haydee Dijkstal and Annahita Moradi - in assisting the release of British Iranian Anoosheh Ashoori, who was unlawfully detained in Iranian prison. 

Sky News reports, "Mr Ashoori said he felt let down by Britain's leader but praised the "fantastic job" civil servants have done behind-the-scenes."

Mr Ashoori left a voicenote for Boris Johnson and risked his safety to try and convey a message to him. Mr Johnson did not respond, nor did he contact Mr Ashoori's family or do anything in his power to help.

On the £400 million debt to Iran Mr Ashoori comments:

"That was not a ransom, that was a debt that the British government owed and it should have been paid. And if it had been paid, none of this would have happened,"

The full interview can be watched here.

The BBC has also covered Mr Ashoori's release, here.