Anesta Weekes QC

  • Year of QC 1999
  • Year of Call 1981



Anesta is a distinguished Queen’s Counsel who is recognised for her work both prosecuting and defending the full range of serious criminal offences. In addition,  Anesta's expertise includes acting for professionals (including barristers, solicitors, social workers, child care workers and police officers) in disciplinary tribunals. She regularly appears in the Court of Appeal and has developed a recognised specialty in Privy Council work, dealing with both civil and criminal appeals originating in Bermuda, Bahamas, Montserrat and Antigua.    

Anesta was appointed Recorder in 1999 and has many years of sitting in the Crown Courts as the judge in serious criminal trials.  

Anesta has a particular expertise in dealing with sensitive issues of national importance which is reflected in her work on a number of major national Inquiries including The Morris Inquiry (concerning professional standards and conduct procedure for the Metropolitan Police) and The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. Anesta served as Counsel to the Broadwater Farm Haringey Council Independent Inquiry into the death of Keith Blakelock. 

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority (the SRA) appointed Anesta to chair the working party to look into the disproportionate number of minority solicitors subject to regulatory decisions.

Anesta served on the government's Gambling Review Committee charged with looking at the need for a review of gambling legislation and regulation, the role of gambling in money laundering, financial regulation and problem gamblers. 

Anesta has developed her advocacy skills over many years of conducting complex criminal trials and sitting as a judge and observing advocacy first-hand. She is a grade A advocacy trainer in the UK and within the Commonwealth jurisdictions (including the Caribbean region, South Africa and Zimbabwe). She is the Vice Chair of the Advocacy Training Council  (ATC).

The hallmark of all aspects of Anesta's work is her ability is to give clear advice, her exceptional advocacy skills, meticulous attention to detail and, above all, her commitment to justice.  

Notable Cases

Notable Cases

Privy Council Appeals

Bermuda Hospital Board v Hofer [2010] (ref: JCPC/2010/0086)
Anesta acted for the respondent (a tetraplegic) who received his injuries whilst in care of the Bermuda Hospital Board. The hospital board appealed to the Privy Council to set aside the ruling of the High Court of Bermuda, which exercised its discretion to reinstate Hofer’s claim for damages against the Hospital board after inordinate delay in processing the claim. The appellant’s appeal to the Privy Council failed.

The Bermuda Police Association v The Permanent Police Tribunal [2009]
This case involved a dispute between the Government of Bermuda and the Police Association about the meaning of “salary”. Anesta successfully represented the Government (the permanent police association) in Bermuda on a judicial review hearing. The police association lodged an appeal to the Privy Council to set aside the ruling of the High Court in Bermuda.

Alistair Greene v Half Moon Hotel (Appeal no. 9 of 2008) [2009]

This case dealt with an appeal by the appellant against a finding of dismissal from his place of work. The issue for the Privy Council was whether he was entitled to written reasons from the Court of Appeal in Antigua and a re-hearing of that appeal.

The Commissioner of Police v Brian Cavanaugh (Appeal No.46 of 2004) [2005]
This case involved the construction and effect of an emergency regulation for use by the commission of police when it was necessary to evacuate persons from their homes because of danger of the volcano.

Disciplinary Cases

Police Disciplinary Tribunals
[2010/2011] Case included judicial review of the Police Appeal Tribunal.
Judicial Review of decision of the Police Appeal Tribunal see CO. Ref CO/4248/2011 and [2011] EWHC 3421 (Admin)

Recent Cases

Beresford Peart V PAT (Police Appeal Tribunal)

This case is of interest as it is probably the first case under the Police Appeal Tribunal Rules 2008 which has been subject to three judicial reviews.

CO/4248/2011 decision of His Honour Judge Anthony Thornton QC June 2011. [2011] EWCH 3421 (Admin).

Fraud & Financial Crime

Root 89 v HMRC [2010-2011]

Representing the revenue on VAT fraud in civil tax tribunal. Recent decision of Masstech Corporaton Limited v The Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. [March 2012].

Prosecution of an attorney for conspiracy to defraud a private company, dishonestly selling plots of land belonging to that company and laundering the proceeds. Caribbean jurisdiction. 



Keele University, Law and English (BA Joint Honours)



Criminal Bar Association

Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association (POCLA)

Chair of the Bar Council's International Relations Committee

Vice Chair of the Advocacy Training Council  (ATC)



Ms Weeks is a formidable [advocate], her attention to detail best illustrated in her forensic examination of documentary evidence, expert evidence and disclosure material, resulting in a tour de force cross-examination of the appellant.

Anesta has provided excellent quality legal advice for an investigation for the SRA (Solicitor Regulation Authority). Result - no case to answer." 

– Johanna Cargill, 2010

"We were pleased with the quality of the advice and legal submissions and look forward to the opportunity to work with her again"

- Mr. Mussenden, Attorney in Bermuda

Direct Access

Direct Access

Anesta is accredited to accept work under Direct access, also known as Public access, in suitable cases. In order to instruct Anesta on a Direct access basis, contact the clerks on +44 (0) 20 7242 6476 or at